An urgent loan was the solution for my dog ​​Sacha

“The urgent loan has allowed us to pay for its operation at a time when our savings were not enough.”

Juan Crisostomo tells you about his experience with unforeseen events that he had to face, but with a very happy ending for his pet.


Several unforeseen events came together

The unforeseen almost always comes together. So I applied for the urgent loan: several problems came and the quickest and easiest solution was to contact Best Lenders .

First was the car. I had a suspicion a long time ago that something was wrong, but until white smoke started coming out of the exhaust and there was no other solution, I did not take it to the workshop: almost 1,500 dollars of repair. At that time, we threw away savings, but we were somewhat fair because my girlfriend was getting a dental implant and that had been an extra expense in recent months.

Then the fridge thing happened. It just stopped working and you had to buy another one. Between that and the reduction of hours at work, I started to get overwhelmed. At that point it already crossed my mind to ask for money online, there were many expenses and our income had been reduced.


We ask for a credit to operate our bitch

We ask for a credit to operate our bitch

I saw it clearly when we had to urgently operate on Sacha, our golden retriever, due to gastric dilatation. The thing was serious and we did not even think about it. The operation, consultations and medication come out of one eye and our savings did not cover expenses. But all in order to save Sacha. I wanted a quick solution to an emergency situation, I needed money immediately, easily and without complications. And really that is how it was with Best Lenders , I had my money quickly with a simple and effective online procedure.


We receive the money immediately

money loans

We were very grateful for the speed of response because Sacha’s life depended on an economic amount and it was necessary to operate immediately. Thanks to the speed of Best Lenders ‘ management, they operated on Sacha the day after receiving the transfer, fortunately everything went well and is now recovering. We love her madly, when you have a pet you know what I mean. She is our partner and had to be saved anyway. She is unconditional with us and we were not going to fail her, much less for a matter of money.


Money saved our bitch

money loans

The urgent loan has allowed us to pay for your operation at a time when our savings were not enough. Sometimes everything comes together, life is unforeseen and you have to move on. We can return it comfortably, but the most important thing is that we save the life of our dog.

My girlfriend encouraged me to tell the story on the blog after the Sacha thing because it’s good news and it’s a way to say thank you. Contacting Best Lenders was our option to get ahead and in the end everything went well.


In the face of unforeseen events, ask us for help

money loans

Did you like the story of Jose Crisostomo and Sacha? If you also have unforeseen events and you are very burdened by all the expenses, ask for your personal loans in Best Lenders . Our clients tell you how easy and fast it is. And if you want to share your story with us, contact us.

Mortgage: how to build your loan application file.

Borrowing is also a matter of formalities.

Borrowing is also a matter of formalities.


To obtain your loan, you will thus constitute a file which you will present to the bank. It contains a whole series of documents and supporting documents. These relate in particular to your marital status, your income (they are used to calculate your debt capacity), but also your property purchase.

When should the file be compiled? Most of the time, you build your file after signing the preliminary contract, the compromise or the promise to sell. However, it is better to anticipate and realize it as soon as possible. You will show the banks that you are well prepared and that you are a serious interlocutor. Remember: financial institutions seek security and appreciate borrowers who pose the least risk possible.

Your credit report must be complete. The bank must be able to objectively assess the different elements of your project. If for example you use profit sharing from your business to increase your personal contribution, you must be able to prove it. Other advice: be transparent and respond well to all requests from the bank.

Anticipate requests from the bank. With a complete and well-documented file, the bank will provide you with a faster response that is better suited to your needs. Finally, don’t forget that your file will be useful to you: all the banks ask for the same documents. To the extent that you will be competing for the best conditions, you will not have to repeat these formalities or complete new ones.

Make copies of all the documents and supporting documents that make up your file. Keep them at home. Most often, banks ask to consult the original documents to ensure their authenticity. They keep the copies and return the originals to you after examination and checks. Other advice: if you borrow two, each member of the couple must provide all the documents requested.

Mortgage: personal documents

Mortgage: personal documents


  • Proof of identity: national identity card or passport.
  • Evidence of your family situation: family book, marriage book, town hall certificate attesting that you are PACS if this is indeed the case.
  • Proof of address: EDF receipt or telephone, water bill, certificate from the person hosting you if you are staying for free, etc. These documents must be less than three months old.
  • Your last three pay slips, your last two tax notices, your last three account statements. The bank can thus ensure your good financial health. A key point: in the event of too frequent overdrafts, it will refuse your credit. These documents will also allow him to calculate the amount of your loan. It will take fixed charges from your income (car and / or consumer credit, taxes, etc.). It will then calculate the maximum amount you can spend each month on your reimbursements. If you earn $ 4,000 per month and your fixed costs amount to $ 1,000, it will be based on the remaining $ 3,000. Thus, your due date may not exceed $ 1,000 (33% debt capacity rule).
  • If you are on a fixed-term contract, entrepreneur or self-employed, you must be able to show that your income is regular, generally over a period of three years before the date of signing of the promise or the sales agreement.
  • The documents which justify certain parts of your personal contribution: participation in the profits of your company or profit-sharing, donation, family loans, home savings, etc.
  • To reassure the bank, you can provide documents relating to your potential outstanding loans, including amortization tables showing him the monthly payments you have to pay.
  • You can also communicate the documents justifying your various investments (life insurance for example). The bank will find that you are able to save. Even if these amounts do not enter your financing, the lending institution will consider you with more kindness since you will present solid guarantees.

Do not hide anything from the banker. By playing with transparency you will reinforce his confidence. Above all, you will avoid accumulating too much consumer credit with your mortgage, which can lead you to over-indebtedness.

Credit: documents related to your real estate project

Credit: documents related to your real estate project


  • The compromise or the promise to sell, obviously signed. Of course, you have thought about including a condition precedent for obtaining credit. If your loan is refused, you will abandon your purchase and recover the amounts paid. For more information, see the condition precedent of obtaining a loan.
  • The pre-contract if you buy a new home. Again, it will be accompanied by a condition precedent for obtaining credit.
  • If you are building, you will provide a plan or an indication of the areas, an estimate or the construction contract to assess the cost of the project and, if applicable, the characteristics of the loan used to purchase the land. Better to attach the damage insurance certificate.
  • In the former, if you need to renovate the property, you provide a plan or indication of living and ancillary areas before and after work, an estimate of the cost of the work, the construction date of the building.
  • The technical diagnosis file in the old one and the energy performance certificate given by the promoter or the builder in the new one.
  • In the case of a bridging loan, the bank will ask you for the title to the property you are selling to buy your new roof, one or even two appraisals and, if necessary, the loan contract attached to this accommodation with the amortization schedules. 

Once your file is complete, the bank examines it and gives you its response. The deadlines depend on the nature of your project. They can be longer if, for example, you have to complete certain administrative formalities such as obtaining your building permit in the event of the construction of a single house.

How do you choose the best loan?

The need for extra money usually appears suddenly and forces you to act quickly. There is no time to browse dozens of loan company offers because we need money immediately. So how do you find a loan and not lose it?

The payday loans market is growing every year, and every day we are flooded with offers of short-term loans on promotional terms. However, when it comes to using the lender’s services, we often don’t know which offer is right for us at the moment.

Easy access to extra cash

Easy access to extra cash

The instantaneous cash flow can be obtained as an ID card, without waiting for verification of documents or the need to provide employment certificates. The ease with which you can earn extra cash means that we can sometimes click on confirmation of taking out a loan without first thinking about it. This is largely due to changes that have taken place in recent years in the loans and credit market.

In the past, financial liabilities could be associated with a visit to the bank and a meticulous process of verifying us as potential borrowers. Especially with larger amounts, it was necessary to provide the bank’s branch with documents, such as an employment certificate, based on which the bank assessed our creditworthiness.

Today, the conditions for obtaining a loan are radically different, and we can get additional funds on the account without leaving home. Everything is done online.

How to take a loan online?


The entire procedure of taking a loan online is simply very easy. All you need to do is select the amount and repayment period that interests us on the website of the online loan company. In this way, the system will calculate convenient installments that will not burden your home budget too much.

Then we provide personal data, and the only document we need to have with you when completing the online application is your ID card. Most forms for online loan applications are extremely uncomplicated, and following the next steps will be handled even by a person who does not have daily contact with such applications.

The last step is to wait for the transfer of funds to the account indicated in the online application. Currently, thanks to the latest technologies and automation of the entire process, money can appear on the account in as little as fifteen minutes.

How to choose the payday offer properly?

How to choose the payday offer properly?

However, we return to the initial problem, i.e. the hasty nature of our decisions in a crisis situation. If our car breaks down, which we commute to work every day, or the TV breaks down before which we like to spend nice evenings together, the first thought is the need to find money to repair or buy a new product.

Often in such moments, we act impulsively, choosing the first loan offer that will be displayed to us in Google search results. This does not mean, however, that we have just found the best offer. Therefore, before making a quick but binding decision, it is worth getting acquainted with a wider range of online loan offers.

The so-called comparison websites and all sorts of current rankings that suggest where to use the payday loan offer at the given time. Companies competing with each other on the market often introduce various types of promotions, e.g. in the form of a free first installment or a low loan interest rate. Therefore, a few minutes of visiting such a website are enough to find out which offer is optimal for us.

Bridging insurance: a temporary collateral for the loan

Some of them are obligatory and appear in every bank, but some are optional – using them is not always necessary and profitable.

The insurance will appear when the customer’s own contribution to the transaction is less than 20%. The insurance covers the amount that is the difference between the own contribution (currently at least 10%) and the required target contribution. The insurance lasts until we repay the insured amount.

The cost is usually included in the loan installment (it takes the form of a raised interest rate), sometimes it is a one-time fee, and it happens that it is a cost that is covered by the bank.

Bridging insurance

Bridging insurance

This is temporary collateral for the loan, which lasts from the day the loan is paid out until the mortgage is entered in the land and mortgage register.

This insurance has the form of an increased interest rate, which decreases when the mortgage is entered by the court. It occurs in every bank and has a similar amount. The largest impact on the loan price is when we buy real estate on the primary market, the price of which we pay in tranches. The longer the payment time, the higher the insurance cost.

Real estate insurance

When buying a property on credit, we must ensure it against fire or other random events. Most often, the customer has the option of using such a policy at the bank or at an insurance company. Sometimes buying insurance in a bank affects the cheaper price offer. Real estate insurance must last for the entire loan period.

Life insurance, against the risk of losing a job, accident insurance


The insurance mentioned above is usually optional and in this respect, banks have full freedom in shaping the insurance terms. When choosing a loan, we can decide whether we are looking for a bank where these insurances are not mandatory. Sometimes a loan offer with insurance can be cheaper than a loan without this element.

Banks promote the use of insurance, compensating their price with a lower interest rate or no commission for granting a loan. It is worth emphasizing that buying out insurance, especially life insurance, does not necessarily directly improve the transaction security for the client himself, who thereby gains additional credit collateral for himself, his family and his household.

The amount of insurance in banks is really large. When comparing mortgage loans, it is worth focusing your attention on this aspect of the banking offer. It often has a decisive impact on the total cost of credit.

Get a Holiday loan now

The financial market offers us a range of savings products – bank accounts, deposits and investment funds are available.
What will be better for us? What to choose without knowing the financial market or products offered by financial institutions?
Statistics show that we do not save regularly – currently, it is only about 8% of Poles.

This result is certainly influenced by low-interest rates offered by financial institutions available on the Polish market. However, it is better to regularly put aside money and have the right amount prepared for use in the proverbial “black hour”.

The average amount spent on holidays is nearly USD 4,000

The average amount spent on holidays is nearly USD 4,000

When planning a vacation 12 months in advance, we have to save USD 335 a month in a savings account – we assume 1.5% per annum. After twelve months, we collect USD 4047.75, and thanks to this we have “earned” nearly USD 28. The component percentage effect does not look impressive in this case, because it is a short period and a low-interest rate.

However, if we would like to take a loan for such a holiday, after a year, the interest cost will be close to USD 470.

It all depends on how much money we want to save and in what period we want to spread our investment. Each of us has different needs and possibilities to deposit free funds in a bank account.

If we want to be systematic and set aside every month

If we want to be systematic and set aside every month

We have two options – a savings account or a money market fund. A bank deposit will not be a good decision in this case – unless we monitor its termination or open a deposit only for a month. However, this will be a low-interest rate – 1.8% per annum.

For example – more and more often Clients decide to invest in a money market fund. These are safe and short-term securities – treasury bills, bonds or commercial bills. They are one of the most secure investment funds and are an ideal alternative to savings accounts and bank deposits.

The formalities are not complex, and we can earn much more on the fund than on the savings account – the fund has greater profit potential and, what is important, we do not incur any initial costs.

Let’s remember that both the savings account and the fund are flexible – we can deposit and withdraw money whenever we want. If the client’s plans change, he can spend the collected amount on something completely different than his previously dreamed vacation. By citing several options for regular saving, I show that it is not difficult.

Home equity loans, what do they consist of?

Home equity loans are loans in which their return, in addition to being guaranteed in a personal way (the debtor is responsible for the return of the loan with all his assets), is also for real property. Thus, if the debtor does not comply with the previously established conditions of repayment of the loan, that real property will pass into the hands of the creditor.

Most often, the borrower uses the loan amount to purchase the real estate that, at the same time, acts as a mortgage guarantee. However, there are mortgage loans in which the borrower offers as collateral a home that he already owns and uses the loan amount for purposes other than the purchase of a home.


What risks do I run when applying for a mortgage loan?

mortgage loan

Applying for a mortgage loan involves taking several risks. The main and most common is for the entity to keep the property that has been offered as collateral.

And not only with housing! As we mentioned before, home equity loans are also personal guarantee loans. What does this mean? That the debtor responds with all his patrimony (present and future) to pay the total of the contracted debt. In other words, if the value of the property does not cover the totality of the contracted debt, the borrower will not only be evicted, but will also continue to owe money to the entity that has granted him the loan.

In addition, each type of mortgage loan has its own risks, since they may or may not depend on the variation of the Euribor. Let’s see them:

  • Fixed-rate mortgage loans : it is possible that the Euribor will be at low levels and the borrower will not benefit from them. In addition, it must be borne in mind that, in this type of mortgage loan, the duration is usually shorter and, therefore, requires a greater financial effort on the part of the borrower. In turn, the fees for early cancellation are also higher
  • Variable rate mortgage : this type of mortgage varies according to the Euribor, so it may happen that the Euribor appreciates and, with it, increases the amount of the loan to be paid each month
  • Mixed mortgages: these mortgages are characterized because, in the first phase of the life of the loan, they are at a fixed rate, while later they become a variable rate. In this case, the risks of this type of loan are a combination of the risks of the fixed-rate mortgage and those of the variable-rate mortgage.


How do I calculate the amount of the mortgage loan to pay?

mortgage loan

Mortgage loans are generally governed by the French loan repayment system.

Let’s see with an example how this system is applied to the mortgage payment!

In the example above it is seen that, during that first year, we will have to pay 789.99 dollars each month. However, suppose that for the following year the Euribor has fallen to 3.25%. How would this affect our mortgage payment to be paid?

The first thing to keep in mind is that, of the initial 100,000 dollars that there was in capital, we have already amortized a part. The amount of capital that we would still have to pay, if we made the amortization table, would be 95,400.77 dollars.


How do I apply for a mortgage?

mortgage loan

In order for a mortgage loan to be granted, the applicant must go to the corresponding entity and present all the documentation along with their application.

Next, the entity will assess the viability of granting the mortgage loan following a specific valuation method (generally scoring) and, if accepted, will contact the client to make a binding offer that the applicant should study if accept or deny.

Loan Comparator. The best loans and credits on the market

Request money comparing

Request money comparing

If you need fast money, the easiest way to obtain it is through our fast online credits, small short-term loans that are applied for through the Internet with little paperwork and are intended to finance specific needs. Its main characteristic is the speed and simplicity in its management and concession, being able to have quick money in just a matter of minutes. Through our quick credit comparator you can obtain mini-credits online in 10 minutes, urgent loans within 24 to 48 hours, etc.

Before requesting a quick loan, it is necessary to compare the different loans offered by financial institutions in Spain to choose the one that best suits your needs. Depending on the credit to apply, you may not need to have a payroll, pension, or guarantee and it is even possible to request quick loans with Best bank. You have the option to request various types of products: quick credits, online mini-credits, urgent personal loans.

The main entities where to request fast mini-credits online and get urgent money in 10 minutes are the ones you see in this updated list. To request a mini-credit or obtain more information, press the “See Offer” button for each company and we will send you to the entity’s website.

How to request credits from our comparator

How to request credits from our comparator

Applying for mini-credits and/or quick credits online is very simple, you just have to access the loan application website and choose the amount to request and the maximum repayment period. Then you will have to fill out a form with your personal information and the account number where the money will be transferred to you.

Afterwards, some companies may ask you to send them a document to verify your data, such as ID or NIE, bank card or payroll if this is necessary. These documents must be sent scanned via email (sometimes you can also send them by means of a photograph of the document). It is also possible to verify the data without sending documentation in some credits, so that the lender can grant it immediately without checks.

Finally, they will contact you within the indicated period to notify you of the acceptance of the request and if it is accepted, they will transfer the money immediately to your bank account (or through an ATM for entities that use HalCash).

These steps are necessary to request the first quick credit with an entity, the following credits that you request are easier to obtain since they do not require that you send them any documentation or that you fill out the application form, you only access your website with your data and you request the loan that you need.

In our loan comparator we collect all the consumer loans, personal loans and lines of credit available in the market so that you can compare and choose the loan that best suits your financing needs.

Advantages of quick credits from our comparator

Advantages of quick credits from our comparator

The main advantage offered by the fast online credits that we compare is their speed, since you can get fast money in 10 minutes if the amount does not exceed $ 5,000 or in 24 hours if it is higher. It is a very easy financial product to request, being able to carry out all the procedures online and without leaving home.

To request fast credits you will not need to meet many requirements and you will not have to carry out any type of paperwork, since the documents that you request can be sent via email and the entities offer information in a transparent way, knowing at all times the fees that you will have to pay for the loan.

Some entities offer free credits for new customers, so you can get free money without interest or commissions. Other entities allow you to repay the loan before the maximum repayment term, being able to save a lot of money in interest to anyone who returns the money in advance.

Advantages of the credit comparator

Advantages of the credit comparator

In recent years, Internet portals have been created that allow you to compare credits without leaving your home and in a matter of minutes. The Best Bank comparator is an example of a page that allows you to quickly compare a large part of the market offer.

Best Bank is an online and digitized portal, that is, everything is done over the Internet and with any device connected to the network, so we offer maximum comfort when conducting searches, comparisons and reporting on any financial product.

Secondly,  are ventured when the trainee earns the first money‘s credit comparer offers the maximum speed in any action we take, as it is an optimized tool to meet objectives and meet the needs of users who access it.

Finally, this comparator is operational 24 hours a day and every day of the year, so we can use its services with total flexibility and without any additional cost.

Through our comparator list you can quickly and easily compare the offers of loans on the market from the same platform. You can assess its characteristics, understand the fine print, expenses and interest, as well as the rest of the relevant points to choose the one that best convinces you.

You can also start the application process through the Internet. Thanks to the technology of our comparator tool, you can directly contact the lender and start the process of contracting the product from the list itself.

When to apply for our fast loans

Mini-credits are a great help in obtaining quick money for small contingencies. They are also used to obtain financing in months with special expenses. Through fast online credits you will be able to obtain a greater amount of quick money to repay in a much longer term, so they can be used to make small investments, both personal and business.

Use our comparator to find the loan that best suits your needs.
In just a few steps we help you make the best decision.
Among a diverse selection of the best loans we will find those that adapt to your real needs.

We can find a long list of personal loans that can be used for many purposes: buying a car, home renovations, studies, medical expenses or travel, among others. The entities that we see in our list of loans carry out a personalized study of your situation and needs to give you a financing offer that suits you.

How to compare which is the best personal loan?

How to compare which is the best personal loan?

It is easy to present all the personal loans that we have at our disposal, but it is better to be able to easily compare which is the cheapest or which interests us the most. For this we have our loan comparator, where you can check the interest rate, commissions and/or additional expenses that each loan has.

Choosing a personal loan must involve prior analysis. On the one hand, referring to personal finances to define the level of debt that can be assumed. On the other hand, the one referring to the offer that exists in the market. In this second point is where a comparator can be very useful since it reports on the characteristics of the product and makes an objective comparison based on the same parameters.

In our comparator you will find the information you need to contract your loan. Objective information on the characteristics of each loan. Comparing helps you save time and money.

Finding the best personal loans on the market goes through a previous study analyzing the characteristics of each user, as well as the conditions and requirements established by the entities and banks that issue the product. There are independent comparators and analysts that offer a free banking service and that help users select the best product, being a Best Bank example.

The amount of a loan varies depending on the entity and the user, in addition to the type of personal credit requested. They can be found from mini-credits with amounts never exceeding $ 1000 to financing for companies and projects. The large offer of loans allows users to get money more easily.

The technology also allows users to obtain fast personal loans, in less than 10 minutes they will have money in their checking account. Getting urgent money is much easier thanks to fast paperless loans that together with online processing streamline the process.

The convenience of making loans online allows more and more users to request money through this channel. Other advantages of this type of loan are the variety of the offer, the speed and flexibility in the repayment terms. These advantages will vary depending on the lending company.