An urgent loan was the solution for my dog ​​Sacha

“The urgent loan has allowed us to pay for its operation at a time when our savings were not enough.”

Juan Crisostomo tells you about his experience with unforeseen events that he had to face, but with a very happy ending for his pet.


Several unforeseen events came together

The unforeseen almost always comes together. So I applied for the urgent loan: several problems came and the quickest and easiest solution was to contact Best Lenders .

First was the car. I had a suspicion a long time ago that something was wrong, but until white smoke started coming out of the exhaust and there was no other solution, I did not take it to the workshop: almost 1,500 dollars of repair. At that time, we threw away savings, but we were somewhat fair because my girlfriend was getting a dental implant and that had been an extra expense in recent months.

Then the fridge thing happened. It just stopped working and you had to buy another one. Between that and the reduction of hours at work, I started to get overwhelmed. At that point it already crossed my mind to ask for money online, there were many expenses and our income had been reduced.


We ask for a credit to operate our bitch

We ask for a credit to operate our bitch

I saw it clearly when we had to urgently operate on Sacha, our golden retriever, due to gastric dilatation. The thing was serious and we did not even think about it. The operation, consultations and medication come out of one eye and our savings did not cover expenses. But all in order to save Sacha. I wanted a quick solution to an emergency situation, I needed money immediately, easily and without complications. And really that is how it was with Best Lenders , I had my money quickly with a simple and effective online procedure.


We receive the money immediately

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We were very grateful for the speed of response because Sacha’s life depended on an economic amount and it was necessary to operate immediately. Thanks to the speed of Best Lenders ‘ management, they operated on Sacha the day after receiving the transfer, fortunately everything went well and is now recovering. We love her madly, when you have a pet you know what I mean. She is our partner and had to be saved anyway. She is unconditional with us and we were not going to fail her, much less for a matter of money.


Money saved our bitch

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The urgent loan has allowed us to pay for your operation at a time when our savings were not enough. Sometimes everything comes together, life is unforeseen and you have to move on. We can return it comfortably, but the most important thing is that we save the life of our dog.

My girlfriend encouraged me to tell the story on the blog after the Sacha thing because it’s good news and it’s a way to say thank you. Contacting Best Lenders was our option to get ahead and in the end everything went well.


In the face of unforeseen events, ask us for help

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Did you like the story of Jose Crisostomo and Sacha? If you also have unforeseen events and you are very burdened by all the expenses, ask for your personal loans in Best Lenders . Our clients tell you how easy and fast it is. And if you want to share your story with us, contact us.

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